Tips to Increase Your Fertility

Trying to fall pregnant can quickly take over your life, especially when it takes longer than you first anticipated. But don’t give up! Here are some traits on how to improve your fertility.

  1. Improve your diet

It is important to maintain a well-balanced diet not just because of fertility but also for your health. This includes eating more protein and reducing your carb intake as this can improve egg quality and doubles pregnancy rate in IVF. It is important to note that you should be eating vegetable protein and limiting animal protein. So grab some vegetables such as artichokes, kale and tomatoes, chuck in a few nuts and seeds and make a yummy salad!

  1. Watch what you drink

Don’t drink alcohol while you are trying to fall pregnant as drinking alcohol can decrease your ability to fall pregnant as well as potentially harm a developing fetus. Additionally, you should consider reducing your daily intake of caffeine as this can affect female hormone levels. Don’t worry this does mean that you can’t drink any coffee but you should limit to having only one a day.

  1. Quit smoking

If you needed another reason to quit smoking, here it is. The toxins in a cigarette can damage a woman’s eggs as well as cause the ovaries to age faster. This means that a smoker who is 30 can have the ovaries of a 38-year-old and thus, be less fertile.

  1. Improve your lifestyle

Exercise can help increase fertility and may even reduce miscarriage as it can help you maintain a healthy weight. Having excess body fat can lead to an overproduction of certain hormones that can disrupt ovulation. This will lower you chances to fall pregnant as you may ovulate less often and your cycles may become less regular. So grab your runners and some music and get ready to work up a bit of a sweat. However, it is important not to over do it so make sure you talk to your doctor about your exercise routine.

  1. Try meditation or yoga

Stress can impact your fertility and effect your body’s hormone production. So it is important to manage stress through relaxation techniques. Maybe this can even be a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and ask your partner for a massage!

  1. Try supplements

There are some supplements that can be taken to increase your fertility, however, please consult your doctor before taking a supplement as every woman can be different. Some supplements include:

  • 600mg Vitamin E as it can improve endometrial thickness
  • 4g myo-inositol as this can improve egg quality and pregnancy rate in IVF patients
  • Vitamin B6 can increase fertility by 120%

Don’t give up ladies and most importantly stay strong! If you would like to find out more information please visit Miscarriage Research, a website that organises and condenses the findings of scientific studies regarding the causes and prevention of miscarriage.



7 thoughts on “Tips to Increase Your Fertility

  1. These are all wonderful tips, for women of any age, and I’m so glad they’ve been compiled here on such a positive blog – however, I feel that there is lacking in that there’s no mention of how delaying pregnancy negatively affects fertility. Should we not be guiding our audiences into a balanced communication thread? I recently posted an article boasting the benefits of being an older mum, but I believe that without proper information about both sides of the issue it can be a dangerous path for audiences. You can find my blog post here:
    Certainly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative to increasing the chances a women has of falling pregnant, yet demographic considerations are paramount. A woman in her 20s has a 25% chance of naturally conceiving every month she tries, yet by her 40s that probability has declined to less than 10%. Is that not a poignant notion for this particular topic of “increasing fertility.” A holistic and realistic perspective towards fertility and motherhood is necessary if we are to open honest and supportive communication threads.


    1. Hi b2bbabiestobusiness,
      Yes, your point is very valid and I do encourage my audience to read your blog post as well. It would be great if you could also back up your statistics with some research.
      My blog posts are aimed at older women, in order to encourage a supportive environment for them. I believe it is important to be positive and not dwell on the odds. My mum had me at 40 naturally so there is always hope!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There is a great book called It Starts with the Egg, I have written a short review here:

    The author (Fett) gives credible evidence that age is not as important a factor as we might think. Instead it is the 4 months leading up to conception that are the biggest factor in conception, pregnancy and baby health.

    If nothing else, this book takes pressure off older parents and that is a gift when trying to conceive.

    Thank you both for your information. So much to learn!

    Liked by 1 person

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